Interesting Story Of Olivia Rodrigo Family, Parents, & Ancestral Background

18 April 2023   | 18 April 2023  | 

Olivia Rodrigo is a famous singer and actress who has taken the world by storm with her amazing songs and exceptional lyrics. She has achieved a lot of awards including an American Music Award, seven Billboard Music Awards, and four MTV Video Music Awards.  Her quick success thus has raised a lot of curiosity regarding her family background and parents among fans.

Hence today we will discuss her family and her parents and learn more about them including their profession and more. So, without any further ado let’s begin right away.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Family Background & Parents

As mentioned above, many of you are curious about Olivia’s family and her parents in general. Well, the 20-year-old is the daughter of Chris Rodrigo (father) and Jennifer (mother). They welcomed her on February 20, 2003, in Southwest Healthcare Rancho Springs Hospital, Murrieta, CA.

Olivia Rodrigo Parents
The singer is the only child of her parents.

Olivia loves both of her parents and shares many photos of them on her Instagram. Likewise, both Chris and Jennifer also love their daughter and are very supportive of her career choice.

How Many Children Do Olivia’s Parents Have?

Oliva is the only child born to her parents. She doesn’t have any siblings of her own. However, she does have cousins and celebrates a lot of occasions with them. The singer also posts several photos of her enjoying the day with her beloved cousins.

Similarly,  back in 2021, Olivia celebrated Thanksgiving with her cousins and other family members.

Both of Olivia Rodrigo’s Parents Have Different Ethnical Backgrounds

The Good 4 U singer is of mixed ethnicity since both of her parents come from different racial backgrounds. Her father Chris is a Filipino. He has three-quarters Filipino roots.

Likewise, her mother Jennifer comes of Western European descent where she is mostly Irish and German.

What Do Olivia Rodrigo’s Parents Do For A Living?

Both of Olivia’s parents come from ordinary households. None of them have extravagant career histories. Her father is a family therapist who typically specializes in Marriage and Family affairs.

Olivia Rodrigo with her father
Her father is a family therapist and her mother is a school teacher.

On the other hand, her mother Jennifer is an ordinary school teacher.

Olivia’s Great Grandfather Came From The Philippines To America When He Was Just A Teenager

Her great-grandfather migrated to America from the Philippines when he was a teenager. The singer told in an interview with CAAM media. Likewise, she said,

“My great-grandfather immigrated here from the Philippines when he was just a teenager. He’s my grandma’s dad, and my grandpa is also Filipino as well. My dad grew up in a house where they were always making Filipino food, his grandpa always spoke Tagalog.”

Olivia with her grandfather
She is very proud of her Filipino roots and loves to represent them.

Moreover, Olivia is very close to her grandmother and writes letters to her explaining her daily activities.

The Singer Is Proud Of Her Filipino Roots

Olivia Rodrigo is very proud of her family roots and loves her culture and the Filipino community. She has stated multiple times that she feels proud of being a part of the amazing community. Likewise, she loves the fact that they are quite welcoming and supportive of her.

Olivia’s Family Enjoys Filipino Cuisines During Thanksgiving

The 20-year-old singer and her family mostly enjoy Filipino cuisines like lumpia and others. Lumpia are fried spring rolls. The rolls typically consist of a savory mixture of ground pork and various veggies.

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