Is Hunter Doohan Related To James Doohan? Why & Why Not?

9 April 2023   | 9 April 2023  | 

Hunter Doohan is an American actor who rose to fame after appearing in the Netflix hit series Wednesday where he played Tyler Galpin. He has gathered a lot of fans for his incredible performance and people have started to wonder whether or not he is related to James Doohan in any sort of way.

On the other hand, James Doohan was a Canadian actor known for his role as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott in the Star Trek franchise.

So, is Hunter Doohan related to James Doohan? Go through this article to know more.

Is Hunter Doohan Related To James Doohan?

Hunter and James are not related by any means. The only thing common between the two is that both are actors and have the same surname.

Hunter Doohan and James Doohan are not related in any way
Hunter Doohan and James Doohan are not related in any way

People’s curiosity arose just because both of the actors have similar last names. However, apart from their common profession and surname, there isn’t anything else they are related to.

Hunter Doohan And James Doohan Family History

Hunter Doohan was born  Hunter Haven Doohan on January 19, 1994, in  Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S. He is 29 years old as of 2023. Hunter is the son of Angie Harper Carmichael and the late American tennis player Peter Doohan. He also has a brother named John Doohan.

Hunter Doohan with his brother and father
Hunter Doohan with his brother and father

Regarding his love life, Hunter is currently married to his husband Fielder Jewett since June 17, 2022. He is a movie producer famous for his work in Breathe In (2013) and Rosy (2018).

On the flip side, James Doohan was born James Montgomery Doohan on March 3, 1920, in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. He was the son of William Doohan and Sarah Doohan.

He was married to Janet Young from 1949-1964 and later married Anita Yagel from 1967-1972. Two years later he married Wende Braunberger. The couple was together for more than 30 years until James died in 2005. Likewise, James had six children from his three marriages, they are Chris Doohan, Sarah Doohan, Montgomery Doohan, Deirdre Doohan, and Larkin Doohan.

James Doohan with his family members
James Doohan With His Family Members

The actor is no more. He passed away on July 20, 2005, in Redmond Washington, U.S. at the age of 85. He died because of pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that might have occurred when he was in the military during World War II.

Hunter And James Come From Different Nationalities

Hunter and James Doohan have different nationalities. The 29-year-old actor, Hunter is from America. However, his parents originally are from Australia.

James on the other hand, was Canadian as you may know he was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Both Of Them Have Different Ethnicity

Both of the actors have different ethnicities. Hunter Doohan has Irish and English ancestry as his father was from Australia and his mother is from South America.

Whereas, James Doohan was said to be Scottish but he has Irish, Ulster-Scots/ Northern Irish ancestry.

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