Is Kayce Smith Married Or Dating A Boyfriend In 2023? Facts Here

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Kayce Smith is a famous sports broadcaster and host. She currently works for Barstool Sports in Manhattan New York. Smith has made a name for herself through her illustrious broadcasting career dating back to 2012. So, because of her growing popularity, weebs of the internet have been trying to find out about Kayce Smith’s boyfriend in 2023 and her dating history.

Moreover, they also want to learn if she is married and has a husband. Hence, this article is there for you to learn everything about Kayce Smith’s boyfriend and dating history. Let’s begin.

Who is Kayce Smith Dating In 2023?

Kayce Smith is very open when talking about her professional life. However, the same thing can’t be said about her personal life. The sportscaster likes to keep her personal life in check and hasn’t spilled much about it to the general public. When it comes to her love life it is even harder to find who she is dating.

Besides, multiple sources have claimed over the years that Kayce is in a relationship with Nathan Sebesta, a financial planner. Well, that might have been a thing in the past but we assure you that is not the case at present. The pair was together for a while in the past but have clearly moved on with their lives.

Who Is Kayce Smith’s Boyfriend Nathan Sebesta?

As we said earlier Nathan is a financial planner working for Access Wealth Strategies since January 2018. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University. The same university that Kayce went to. So, from this, we can identify that the two were most probably University sweethearts.

However, he is already taken at present, meaning he is happily married to the girl of his dreams. He walked down the aisle with his co-worker turned wife Rylie Sebesta. She works as a licensed service assistant in the same company as her husband at Access Benefit Services LLC.

Kayce Smith's ex with his wife
The couple has been married since 2020.

Regarding their initial meeting the duo as you might have guessed met while at work in 2018. They started dating each other not long after and while they were out to Paris during a vacation, the duo got engaged in October 2019. Likewise, their wedding was held on August 1, 2020.

Moreover, the pair are proud parents of a beautiful baby girl named Ava Blyss Sebesta born on 12th September 2021. Her mother announced her arrival a day after her birth through Facebook.

Kayce Revealed That She Is About To Be A Mom: Who Is Her Partner?

Kayce as we mentioned is a private individual who likes to keep her love life in check. But, on August 20 of 2022, in an article on the Barstool Sports site, she talked about her so-called beau whose name is still a mystery talking about how both of them are excited to announce her pregnancy saying,

“We both immediately knew this baby was changing our lives in the best way possible. I never thought I deserved (let alone would find) somebody so unbelievable. As cheesy as it sounds, he fully loved me while I learned to love myself again and I know he’s going to be an amazing dad.” 

Kayce Smith's child
He was born on February 2023

We are still unaware of the identity of her child’s dad. Whatever the case, we hope that both of them stay together for the rest of their lives and that we get to learn more about Kayce’s unidentified boyfriend.

Kayce Smith’s Past Relationship, Boyfriends, & Dating History

As we have mentioned multiple times that she is a private individual who likes to keep her personal life away from the media reach. Her dating history is no different. There is little to know information available regarding her past love life or boyfriends.

Kayce Smith is a sportscaster and reporter.
Kayce hasn’t revealed her boyfriend’s name.

The only known person she was linked to previously was Nathan Sebesta and her unknown current boyfriend. Other than this, there isn’t any other information available.

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