Is Jason David Frank Dating A Girlfriend? His Ethnicity, & Family Background

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Jason David Frank was an American actor who sadly passed away in November 2022. Even though he is not with us he will always be in our hearts as the actor who played Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers television franchise. His fans have many questions in their minds including about his girlfriend and dating life.

Likewise, they think that he had a girlfriend and was dating someone at the time of his death. Well, is that true? Let’s also find out his ethnicity & family background.

Who Was Jason David Frank’s Girlfriend? His Dating History

There are several occasions where actors and actresses are linked romantically to someone. It is no wonder several rumors and allegations about Jason having a girlfriend and dating someone were going on at the time of his death. However, we assure you that these rumors are all hoaxes and nothing more.

Jason David Frank and his wife Tammie Frank
The actor and his wife had been married for almost two decades.

Likewise, none of his family members and close friends have talked about him having a girlfriend or even mentioned about him dating anyone at the time of his death. Matter of fact he was still married to his second wife Tammie. The duo was in the verse of a divorce but were still madly in love with each other.

She even shared a post on Instagram to share a heartfelt message after Jason passing. Tammie wrote,

“The loss of my soulmate. Jason, I can’t go on without you! You are my world! Yes, we had our struggles like any marriage. But months ago we both agreed it was worth saving.”

Jason David Frank Was Married Two Times: How Was His Married Life?

Jason was married twice during his lifetime. He walked down the aisle with Shawna Frank in 1994. The couple was married for almost 7 years before parting ways in 2001. The former lovebirds were not just husband and wife but also parents of three kids Skye Frank, Hunter Frank, and Jacob Frank.

Jason David Frank with his wife Tammie
The couple walked down the aisle in 2003.

On the other hand, his second marriage was to Tammie Frank. The pair walked down the aisle in 2003. They were together for almost two decades and during that time they became parents to a daughter named Jenna Frank. Everything seemed fine until Tammie filed for divorce in August 2022 but they were looking to reconcile until Frank’s death three months later in November 2022.

Jason Passed Away At The Age of 49: He Took His Own Life

The 49-year-old actor passed away on November 19, 2022. His body was found in a hotel in Huston Texas. According to the police, Jason took his own life hanging from the ceiling. It came as a shock to everyone and when interrogated, his wife Tammie mentioned that the Power Ranger actor was suffering from depression and mental illness for a while.

Jason David Frank has a daughter with his second wife.
The actor with his wife and daughter

Furthermore, while explaining what had happened during the day he died she said that both of them had an emotional talk and when she had left for 10 minutes or so and came back, she found that the door was locked. Tammie knocked on the door repeatedly but he didn’t answer. However, someone in the hotel called the police and was able to open the door only to find that Jason had died.

Furthermore, several of his former co-stars paid tribute to Jason including David Yost, Walter Emanuel Jones, Steve Cardenas, Austin St. John, and Amy Jo Johnson.

What Is Jason David Frank’s Ethnicity?

Jason David Frank has mixed ethnicity. He is the son of Ray Frank (father), and Janice Frank (mother). His dad has German, English, and Irish ancestry while his mother had Greek and Polish ancestry.

Jason David Frank was an actor
He comes from a mixed-racial background.

Regarding his family background,  he had an older brother named Erik Frank who sadly passed away on April 16, 2001. Similarly, Jason was married twice, he married Shawna in 1994 and had three children before separating in 2001. Jason later married Tammie. The two also had a daughter. On the other hand, Tammie filed for divorce in 2022 but was trying to reconcile until Frank passed away in November of the same year.

Jason David Frank EthnicityMixed Ethnicity
Father’s EthnicityGerman, English, Irish
Mother’s EthnicityGreek, Polish

Was Jason A Native American?

No, the actor was not a Native American. He as we said earlier has a mixed-racial background of German, English, and Irish with some Greek and Polish. However, many people mistook him for being a Native American. The confusion first arose because his character Tommy Oliver in The Power Ranger is Native American but not Jason.

Jason Had Different Ancestry

Jason Frank’s ancestors hail from different places. His paternal grandfather Walter Thomas Frank was born in Ohio to German parents. Likewise, his paternal grandmother Elizabeth Libby Martin was born in Ohio.

On the other hand, his maternal grandfather William Peter Soter was born in Greece to Greek parents. And his maternal grandmother Olga Podgorny was born in Iowa to Polish parents

How Did Jason David Frank Die?

The Power Ranger actor sadly passed away on November 19, 2022, at the age of 49 years old. His body was found in a hotel in Houston Texas. Likewise, reports say that Jason took his life by hanging. Similarly, when his wife Tammie who was also at the hotel was asked she explained that Frank was suffering from depression and mental health issues.

Jason David Frank is no more.
Jason passed away at the age of 49

After his death, the actor’s former co-stars Austin St. John, David Yost, Walter Emanuel Jones, and others gave tributes to him.

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