Is Ryen Russillo Dating A Girlfriend? Is He Married To A Wife? Gay Rumors

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Questions about famous American sports journalist and host Ryen Russillo’s girlfriend & dating life have been making rounds on the internet. However, despite all the fame he has achieved, he barely makes any statement not only on his dating life but also is he has ever been married to a wife.

Considering the fact that he is already 47, the question of whether he ever tied the knot is an obvious one. Well, in this article, we will try to explore his love life in further detail and also address the gay rumors about him.

Is Ryen Russillo Dating A Girlfriend In 2023?

Ryen isn’t dating anyone at present. As a matter of fact, there is no record of him being in a relationship with anyone in the past. Moreover, Ryen has never talked about him being in a romantic relationship with anyone as well.

Besides, several interviewers and co-workers have asked him the question about his dating history or if he is seeing someone at present to which he always replies with the same answer “No.” Likewise, during an interview with Colin Cowherd, Ryen was asked the question whether he was dating anyone. to which he replied no he wasn’t.

Well, now you know that Russillo isn’t dating anyone. But several of you want to know if he is married. So, keep scrolling to learn everything about his marital status.

Is Ryen Russillo Married To A Wife?

To tell you the truth, Ryen is not married. Likewise, the 47-year-old podcaster, sports journalist doesn’t seem to have plans for getting married anytime soon. Meanwhile, during the 2016 Russillo & Kanell  Show, Russillo was asked about his thoughts on getting married. Immediately, he said he had no plans to get married at the time.

Ryen Russillo's take on marriage
Ryen is not married and doesn’t have a girlfriend in 2023.

Moreover, he mentioned that he hadn’t reached the peak of his career and wanted to achieve success in his field of interest rather than wanting to marry.

“I don’t think that I have peaked yet professionally and there are some other stuff that I really really would like to do and I could become really obsessed with it. So, I would push off my personal life in the way that most people would probably couldn’t do it.”

Likewise, in 2012, Ryen shared a rather funny tweet about his thoughts on marriage. He mentioned that if he was ever to marry, he would call 9 am-1 pm on Sunday his married window the only time he would pretend to listen on weekends.

Ryen Was Rumored To Be Dating His Co-Workers At ESPN

Ryen as we mention is single. However, there was a rumor going on about him dating his co-worker Charissa Thompson. The two used to work for ESPN when the rumor started but it turns out that both of them are just close friends and nothing more.

There were several moments when people started speculating that the two might be dating. Likewise, Thompson has mentioned that both of them were attracted to one another but the feeling never escalated further and that they are just good friends.

Ryen Rusillo with his rumored gf
Ryen with his rumored girlfriend Cari Campion.

Moreover, the rumors of him dating another co-worker Cari Champion got out. However, it was also just speculation from fans and nothing more.

Whereas his rumored girlfriend, Charissa was married to Kyle Thousand on Dec. 30, 2020, but has been living a single life since 2023. She filed for divorce in April 2022. On the other hand, Cari is also single as of 2023.

Is Ryen Russillo Gay?

Since Ryen has never been seen with a girlfriend and is unmarried at 47, people have been speculating if he is gay. Going by the fact that he has not ever addressed himself as gay, we have no right to make any judgment. For now, we will have to go by the statement that Ryen is not gay but rather a straight man.

Well, as a sports journalist, he once gave his views on openly gay players playing NFL. When asked if NFL is ready for openly gay players, he stated,

ESPN’s Ryen Russillo said yesterday on his radio program that a gay player in the NFL would essentially face a struggle as difficult as the one Jackie Robinson endured. I agree with him. Changing perceptions and, more importantly, the status quo is never easy.

The 47-Year-Old Lives In His Million-Dollar Mansion In Manhattan

As mentioned earlier, the sportscaster is not married or dating anyone. What’s more, he has been living a single life in his beautiful house in Manhattan Beach California.

Ryen Russillo house in Manhattan.
He lives in a 3.8-million-dollar mansion in Manhattan.

Similarly, Ryen, who works for The Ringer’s podcast website after leaving ESPN, has lived in this house since May 2020. Besides, Russillo apparently paid $3.8 million for the mansion which was listed for sale in January 2020 for about $4.5 million.

A Short Bio On Ryen Russillo

Full NameRyen Russillo
BirthdayAugust 5, 1975
BirthplaceBoston, Massachusetts
Parents NameN/A
SiblingVaughn Russillo (brother)
Marital StatusNot married
Relationship StatusSingle

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