Who Is Abigail Shapiro Husband? Her Married Life & Relationships

17 April 2023   | 17 April 2023  | 

Abigail Shapiro is an American conservative influencer, opera singer, and podcaster. She is also famous as the sister of the conservative political speaker and influencer Ben Shapiro. She has been the talk of the media for her approach to traditional values and norms and her belief that women should live a conservative life. Her views and approach have raised many eyebrows around the globe however, there are a lot who support and admire her for the same reasons.

Her well-wishers and fans have been curious to know more about her including her height and whatnot. Likewise, they want to know if the YouTuber is married and if so who is her husband.

Hence let’s go through the article below to learn about Abigail Shapiro’s love life and if she is married or not. Let’s start.

Abigail Shapiro Husband & Marital Relationship

Abigail Shapiro is already taken. She is married to her husband Jacob William Roth. The duo has been married for almost 5 years.

Abigail Shapiro Married Her Husband Jacob William Roth
Abigail Shapiro Married Her Husband Jacob William Roth

The pair walked down the aisle on May 27, 2018, in Roslyn, NY. Their wedding took place in a typically Jewish fashion before their close friends and family members. The wedding is celebrated with two distinct ceremonies called betrothal (kiddushin) and nuptials (nissuin) and the bride walks around her soon-to-be husband seven times to show that she completes him.

How Did Abigail Shapiro Meet Her Husband?

Regarding their first meeting, the soon-to-be husband and wife crossed paths after one of their mutual friends introduced them to one another. The pair started seeing each other and the couple started dating in 2017. At the time Abigail was studying music at the Manhattan School of Music while her then-boyfriend Jacob was in his first year studying law.

Abigail Shapiro with her husband Jacob William Roth
Abigail Shapiro with her husband Jacob William Roth

The couple felt an instant connection and after dating for a year they decided to take their relationship to an even higher height by taking the commitment to become each other life partner.

Who Is Her Husband Jacob William Roth?

Jacob William Roth is a well-established lawyer. He currently works for Dhillon Law. Abigail’s hubby specializes in political and election law focusing on First and Fourteen Amendment Litigation.

Besides this, he has worked with various conservative and libertarian organizations and has been a legal counsel for Young America’s Foundation (YAF). Moreover, he has also worked in business and employment litigation.

Regarding his education, the attorney is a graduate of the University of Virginia School of Law. He has also earned a degree in Russian literature from Northwestern University,

Abigail Shapiro And Her Husband Are Parents To A Son

The lovely couple has been married for almost 5 years and during this time they have been parents to their son who was born on March 19, 2022. The pair was so excited that Abigail took to Instagram to share the news. She posted a picture of her son with the caption:

Welcome to the world, Baby Boy Roth 💗  Born on March 19, 2022, Jacob and I love him with all our hearts!

Abigail Shapiro's Son
Abigail Shapiro’s Son As An Infant

In the same post, however, Abigail mentioned that she won’t be sharing his name publically.

Was Abigail Previously Married Or In A Relationship?

Well, Abigail wasn’t in any sort of relationship before her marriage to her husband Jacob. It looks like he is the only man she ever loved. The same goes for her husband as well. Our research shows that he also wasn’t in any sort of relationship in the past.

The two are enjoying a delighted married life and we also wish them to be together until death does their part.

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