Who Is Viviana Volpicelli Boyfriend? All About Her Relationship

9 April 2023   | 10 April 2023  | 

Viviana Volpicelli is a social media influencer and blogger who focuses on fashion, recipes, fitness, and skincare topics. Besides this, she is a Plant-Based Culinary Professional who has undergone training with plant-based chef, Matthew Kenney.

In recent years, Viviana has gathered a huge following, many of whom are curious to know her boyfriend. Who is she dating in 2023? and more. It has been a hot topic on the internet for a while now. So, today we will answer the question surrounding everyone’s mind regarding Viviana’s boyfriend.

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Who Is Viviana Volpicelli’s Boyfriend?

Viviana is a social media sensation. However, she is pretty private when it comes to talking about her love life and apparently is not dating a boyfriend in 2023. She hasn’t shared a hint of information regarding her relationship status. But, several sources claim that she is dating and has a boyfriend. Yet, there is solid evidence to back up these claims. So, for now, it is safe to say that she is not dating.

Regarding her past, Viviana was in a relationship with NFL player Nelson Agholor. Read the article below to learn everything regarding their love life.

Viviana Volpicelli Dated NFL Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor

As we said earlier the social media influencer was in a relationship with Nelson Agholor. The duo first met when they were studying at the University of Southern California in 2013.

Their relationship soon hit off and the pair started dating not long after. They were pretty close, and Viviana even attended several games to cheer her then-beau.

Viviana and her boyfriend Nelson were in a short-lived relationship
Viviana and her ex-boyfriend Nelson Kissing

Nelson even took to his Instagram to thank her for being in his life addressing her as his best friend and love of his life. The post reads,

“Walking into 2018 with my best friend and love of my life Thanks for dealing with me not just this year but every year since we met.”

Everyone even thought that the pair would be together forever and most of them even started calling Viviana Nelson’s soon-to-be wife. But it all ended in just an image as the pair seemed to have different plans.

Are They Still Together?

No Viviana and Nelson aren’t together in 2023. It seems like the pair have been separated since mid-2019 as both of them have deleted all of their posts mentioning each other.

Viviana Volpicelli And Nelson Are Not Dating In 2023
Viviana Volpicelli And Nelson Are Not Dating In 2023

Nelson even took it a step further, as he deactivated his Instagram account following the supposed breakup. So, considering the situation we can safely assume that the pair is no longer together even though non of them has officially confirmed the split.

A Little About Viviana Volpicelli’s Ex-Boyfriend

Nelson was born Nelson Efamehule Agholor on May 24, 1993, in Lagos Nigeria. He is a Nigerian-American football wide receiver. Nelson currently plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. Before this, he played football at his University and was drafted by Philadelphia Eagles in the first round in 2015.

While playing for the Eagles he won a Super Bowl title in Super Bowl LII. Moreover, he has also played for the Las Vegas Raiders and the New England Patriots.

Who Is Vivana Dating In 2023?

Viviana Volpicelli as we said previously, has been living keeping her love life private for a while. So, it is safe to say that she is currently single and focusing on her career.

However, note that these are all speculations if we are to consider her professional stature along with how beautiful she is. Also looking at her past dating history, we can assume that Viviana is dating someone at present. But we can’t be sure until she comes forth to talk about the subject matter.

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