Why Did Jake Sully Go To Pandora?

10 April 2023   | 10 April 2023  | 

Avatar (2009) whose sequel Avatar: The Way of Water released in December 2022, is a science fiction movie directed, written, and produced by James Cameron. The movie is set in the mid-22nd century when humans are trying to extract a valuable mineral called the Unobtanium from Pandora. It is a habitable moon in the Alpha Centauri star system. The extensive mining hampers the existence of the native Na’vi tribe, leading to an all-out war between them and humans.

Jake Sully is one of the movie’s main characters who fight the humans siding with the Na’vi. Now that’s a whole other story. This article gives pretty clear facts about why did Jake Sully go to Pandora.

So, without any further ado let’s dive right in.

Why Did Jake Sully Go To Pandora?

Jake Sully a Paraplegic Marine goes to Pandora in place of his deceased twin brother, Tommy. Jake was the only substitute who could have used the avatar created using Tommy’s DNA since both are twins. The avatars are Na’vi-human hybrids created by scientists to explore Pandora which is otherwise inhabitable for ordinary humans.

Why Did Jake Sully go to Pandora?
Jake Sully went to Pandora in place of his brother Tommy.

Jake’s twin was a scientist working for the Research Development Administration (RDA) program. So, he was initially selected to be the one to explore Pandora to mine the much-needed mineral known as Unobtanium. However, because of his brother’s death, Jake is chosen as an immediate replacement.

But, Jake as we said earlier is a retired paraplegic marine who is paralyzed from his waist down. Hence, he is considered inadequate by the head of the Avatar Program Dr. Grace Augustine who later accepts him as a bodyguard.

What Is Pandora?

Pandora is a moon of a gas giant located in the Alpha Centauri star system. It is the home to a local tribe of Na’vi and other mystical wildlife. Na’vi is 10 feet tall blue-skinned human-like beings who live in harmony with nature.

How Long Did It Take Jake To Go To Pandora?

Jake travels for almost six years to go to Pandora, where he is taken to the Hell’s Gate human settlement. Confined to Wheelchairs for a long time, Sully finds a new body in the form of an avatar that is nine feet tall and blue in hue.

Why Did Humans Go To Pandora?

The humans went to Pandora to mine a valuable mineral called unobtanium since the resources on Earth had already been used up.

Jake Sully and Humans In Pandora
Jake Sully in Pandora

The movie is set up in the year 2154 when the Earth’s resources are depleted. So, in search of valuable minerals humans set a course to Pandora which has a ton of resources. They set on a nearly six-year-long journey to reach Pandora to mine unobtainium. This resource can be sold for $20 million a kilo.

How Much Has The Avatar Series Made In Total?

The 2009 Avatar is the highest-grossing movie to this date. It has gathered over 2.9 billion in revenue worldwide. It passed the $1 billion mark within 19 days of its international release.

Likewise, its sequel The Way of Water is in the third with over 2.2 billion in revenue worldwide.